Below are most of the food products we carry, we do sell out of items occasionally, and we also try new products that we don't include on this list unless we decide they are permanently sticking around!

We do not ship products, if you are interested in items to be shipped, visit our sister store They have many of the same products we carry.

Pickled Vegetables

Sweet Baby Corn 

Marinated Mushrooms 
Bread & Butter Pickles 

Candied Jalapenos 

Marinated Arichokes

Pickled Carrots 

Spicy Garlic Pickle Chips 

Pickled Beets 

Pickled Brussel Sprouts 

Smoky Almond 1/2 Pint 
Smoky Almond Pint 
Plain Green Pitted 1/2 Pint
Plain Green Pitted Pint 
Double Stuffed 1/2 Pint 
Double Stuffed Pint 
Ranch Pitted ½ Pint 
Ranch Pitted Pint 
Smoked Flavor Pitted ½ Pint 
Smoked Flavor Pitted Pint 
Lemon Peel 1/2 pint 
Lemon Peel Pint 
Martini ½ Pint 
Martini Pint 
Greek Peppers Qt 
Garlic Stuffed ½ Pint 
Garlic Stuffed Pint 
Jalapeno Stuffed ½ Pint 
Jalapeno Stuffed Pint 
Almond Stuffed ½ Pint 
Almond Stuffed Pint 
Happy Hour Almond ½ Pint 
Happy Hour Almond Pint 
Habanero Stuffed ½ Pint 
Habanero Stuffed Pint 
Bleu Cheese Stuffed ½ Pint 
Bleu Cheese Stuffed Pint

Gherkin Stuffed Pint 
Spicy Pepper/Jack Stuffed 1/2 pint 
Spicy Pepper/Jack Stuffed Pint 
Feta Cheese Stuffed ½ Pint 
Feta Cheese Stuffed Pint 
Anchovy Stuffed ½ Pint 
Anchovy Stuffed Pint 
Calamata Pitted ½ Pint 
Calamata Pitted Pint 
Garlic Onion Almond 1/2 Pint 
Garlic Onion Almond Pint 
Hot Chili Almond 1/2 Pint 

 Spicy Garlic Cloves ½ Pint 
Spicy Garlic Cloves Pint 
Jalapeno Garlic ½ Pint 
Jalapeno Garlic Pint 
Habanero Garlic ½ Pint 
Habanero Garlic Pint 
Mustard Dill Garlic ½ Pint 
Mustard Dill Garlic Pint 
Smoke Flavor Garlic ½ Pint 
Smoke Flavor Garlic Pint 
Italian Style Garlic ½ Pint 
Italian Style Garlic Pint 

Pickled Eggs

Mild Pickled Chicken Eggs 

Spicy Chicken Eggs 

Mild Quail Eggs

Spicky Quail Eggs ​​


Dips & Tapenades
Basil Pesto Black Olive & Feta Dip 
Black Olive Tapenade Dip 
Smoky Garlic Mozzarella Dip 

Smoky Bacon Cheddar 

Asparagus Asiago 

Black Olive & Feta 

Green Olive Tapenade 

Sundried Tomato & Parmesan 

​Sweet Red Pepper & Jalapeno 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375 ML
Bacon Infused 

Basil Infused

​Blood Orange

Black Truffle Infused 

Butter Infused 

Fresh Garlic Infused

Roasted Garlic Infused

Habanero Garlic Infused

Jalapeno Infused 

Habanero Infused 

Harissa Infused 

Italian Herb Infused 

Meyer Lemon Infused 

Mushroom Lover's 

Persian Lime Infused

Parmesan Garlic Rosemary Infused 

Rosemary Infused 

Cali Arbequina/Arbosana

Dark Balsamic Vinegars 375ML

Apricot Balsamic 

Blackberry Balsamic 

Cherry Balsamic 

Cranberry Balsamic 

Carmelized Onion Balsamic

Fig Balsamic 

Garlic Balsamic 

Huckleberry Balsamic 

Spicy Mole Balsamic

Pomegranate Balsamic 

Raspberry Balsamic 

Traditional Balsamic 

White Balsamic Vinegars 375ML

Lemon Balsamic 

Mandarin Orange Balsamic 

Peach Balsamic 

Peach Basil Balsamic

​Pear Balsamic

White Truffle Balsamic

​Traditional Balsamic